Saturday, 1 February 2014

Floral Laurel

Su Sews So So Floral Laurel 5

I started making this Colette Patterns Laurel dress back last year, when they announced the amazing contest. But I didn't give myself very much time (oh, and I had a wedding to plan!), so didn't make a muslin first. When I first tried on this dress, which had been cut to the original length (a lot longer than this), it was very big, very baggy and very unflattering. I was disheartened and didn't have the desire to fiddle with the fit. So it sat and languished in my sewing room for many months.

Su Sews So So Floral Laurel 3

The other week or so I decided to give it another chance, because I really loved the fabric (which I had bought a couple of years ago when I was in Thailand). I decided that it would work much better on me if it was more of a tunic/mini dress length. So I lobbed a massive chunk off the bottom and declared it passable. Yes, just passable. I'm not really in love with this garment, it's alright, but nothing spectacular. 

Su Sews So So Floral Laurel 6

I think the main reason why I am not in love with it is the neckline (which I have conveniently 'hidden' in these shots I see! lol) - it's just not the most flattering shape on me. Perhaps I may have a look at it another time and see if I can scoop it out a bit. The whole shape of the dress is also not one I would normally go for. I tend to lean towards shapes that nip me in at the waist, so to have something hang so loosely on me feels a bit foreign, and is something I find hard to get used to. But at the moment it is a nice dress to 'hide' in (click here to see what I'm on about- no I'm not pregnant!).

But - would you believe it, this is the first time I have actually sewn/inserted sleeves! I found it relatively easy, but it certainly wasn't a perfect execution - however, when I looked at other Laurels I see that there is just quite a bit of extra fabric in the sleeves. Some people have put in little pleats at the shoulders which I think looks very cute, and may be a nice option if I make another one.

Su Sews So So Floral Laurel 1

On a positive note - this was a successful 'Stash Bust'! So I'm happy about that!

Oh and I cut my hair! These pics were taken right after so everything is sitting nicely. I've since washed it and I have discovered there is an art to blow-drying a fringe, which I have yet to master!! But I'm so thankful for no longer having to spend an entire evening washing and drying my hair!!!

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