Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Tartan Washi

Su Sews So So Tartan Washi 7

This wash't a planned make, but after the success of the Red Linen Washi dress I felt like whipping up another one. It's a really easy dress to make and so comfy to wear, I knew I wanted/needed more in my wardrobe. Keen to use some fabric from my stash I decided I would try and use this heavy tartan fabric. I had originally bought it to line my red cape, but when it arrived (one of my usual online purchases) I just wasn't feeling it. So it has been languishing in my stash for a couple of years now - every time I looked at it, all I could see was a picnic blanket!

Tartan Washi 1

On my Red Linen Washi the bust darts were a little high, as was the bodice base, so I added an inch to the shoulders and this made all the difference. It's a perfect fit now. Since the fabric was so heavy I decided that I would use lining fabric for the pockets, otherwise there would have been far too much bulk there (an area that doesn't need any more bulking out, thank you very much!). Overall I'm pretty happy with the dress, and hopefully it doesn't look too 'picnicy'...

Tartan Washi 2

I have a bit of fabric left and I'm hoping there might be enough to make a simple A-Line miniskirt, which I think would be pretty cute. I'm debating whether to buy a pattern or attempt to do a 'rub-off' of a denim skirt I have. I'm leaning towards the rub-off because I can't seem to find a pattern that's exactly what I'm after. We shall see.

OK, now here is my attempt at a fashion bloggers Outfit Shot, don't laugh too much:

Su Sews So So Tartan Washi 3

Glasses: D&G / Jacket: TXMaxx / Cardi: too old to remember! / Dress: made by me! / Jeggings: Oasis / Boots: Timberland

Oh yes…the freebies will be flying in…any minute now…any minute...

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