Thursday, 8 March 2012

Holy Cowl…I got engaged!

So I've been a bit quiet on the blog recently. I missed the last 2 Tuesdays 'Tutorial Treat' and I haven't posted an 'I made it....and I wore it' photo for a couple of weeks (even though I have actually been keeping to the rules and have been wearing handmade at least once a week...just no photographic evidence!). But that may be because I have been slightly say the least!!!

Anyway, before I spill the beans (which I think you are all quite aware of due to the title of the post!) I thought I'd share with you my latest make. Another cowl top based on the pattern I drafted. This one is made out of floaty/drapey chiffon. Definitely harder to control, but not quite as difficult as I thought it would be.

engagement 039

Due to the very drapy nature of the chiffon it is really a bit too low in the neck - hence I have a cami underneath. But I did discover that you could tuck the cowl neck into the cami and create a cute pleated look that you actually see in some tops/dresses as a design feature:

engagement 042

engagement 043

Oh sorry, what's that? Did you notice something sparkly on my finger that didn't used to be there?!!!

engagement 062

Yep - I got engaged! My Fiancé (woooo!) and I were away at the Slieve Donard Hotel celebrating 3 years together (on the 25th Feb) and after acting very shifty (due to the nerves) he proposed to me on the beach....this was our backdrop:

 The Mourne Mountains, from Newcastle beach

It was just so gorgeous, and I was in complete shock! He used a 'stunt ring' to seal the deal and I then had to wait a whole WEEK until before we could go ring shopping (that was a looooong week!). After trailing around pretty much all the jewellers in Belfast I finally found 'the one':

engagement 050

engagement 048

It's from the 1950's and has the most beautiful metal work on the side (which I tried to capture in the second photo, but it doesn't really do it justice). I really wanted a unique antique ring, partly because older rings tend to have very narrow shafts/bands, which just feel daintier on my finger. I'm just so so over the moon!

No plans for the wedding yet, apart from a rough date of Summer 2013 (to fit in with school holidays - Robin is a teacher!). But if you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed a sharp increase in the number of 'wedding' related pins that have been cropping up!

Anyway, I was busy cutting out a shift dress last night so hopefully normal blogging will be back soon!!!
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