Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hey–I’ve seen that fabric before!

So I was walking home from work the other week when something in a local bus service advert caught my eye:


What the…! I literally stopped in my tracks and took a closer look at the girl in the red dress:

photo (2)

Does that fabric look familiar at all?


To me it did…I have the exact same fabric folded up in my stash at home! It may not seem like such a big deal to you, but N.Ireland isn’t the biggest of places…so I’m curious as to where the dress came from. I bought the fabric online from a shop in England. So did the ‘designer’ for the advert buy a ready made dress from a local boutique (if so, I want to know where!)? Did they buy the fabric from the same place I did and make up a dress (if so…why bother?!!!)? I don’t think they bought it from a fabric shop here because there aren’t that many and I’ve been to them all (pretty much) and have never spotted this fabric. Any other suggestions?

Regardless of the answer, seeing how nice this dress looks is spurring me on to get it out of my stash and made up into something to wear asap!!

And that’s not the first time I’ve spotted some fabric from my stash made up into something. I was merrily browsing through the gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS…do check it out if you haven’t) lookbook from Lena Hoschek when I spotted this lovely lady is a very nice floral circle skirt:


from here (was 315Euro!)

And the same floral fabric made into a (kind of) pencil skirt:


from here (was 375Euro!)

And below is my fabric…I recon it’s the same stuff. I bought mine for a steal at a local car boot sale. I’m pretty sure it’s curtain/upholstery fabric but I bought it thinking it would make a nice pencil skirt – and obviously Lena thought the same!!! I’m now dying to make it up into a look-a-like skirt for a fraction of the RRP!!! (It’s times like this that I really love being able to sew!)

large floral heavy cotton

So, have any of you spotted your stash out and about? Has it inspired you to get it out and use it? Did you maybe have an idea for it that was perhaps changed once you saw it made up into something else?

P.S. I am finishing off a quick shift dress this week that I cannot wait to share with you guys. I think this will be a TnT pattern for me (I’ve got at least two more planned!).

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