Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Epic Pom-Pom Fail

Oh dear. I had great plans of recreating the lovely faux-fur collar as per the tutorial from the Coletterie, which I featured on an earlier Tuesday’s Tutorial Treat:
But this is how my pom-pom turned out:
Cats and things 150
It’s the same size as the pattern circle and I even stuffed it a bit…but it’s tiddly compared to Sarai’s version…why is this?n My faux fur is very fine so perhaps that might be a reason for it. Anyone got any good tips on making fur pom-poms?
I’m so disappointed because we have finally finished decorating the ‘sewing room’ and I was expecting the rattle out this as a little instant gratification project. But once I was faced with my sorry excuse for a pom-pom I lost the motivation/urge/determination/will to live…
On the plus side, my kittens have a new toy!
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