Monday, 21 February 2011

Mode Mondays - Kate Spade

One of the style blogs I follow is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? (WWEPW) which is a fun look at the fashion styles that Emma Pillsbury wears, a character from Glee. Like many many others out there, I do love her style - her colour blocking pencil skirts and cardies, cute brooches and jewellery and floral shift dresses.

WWEPW recently drew my attention to Kate Spade's website and her new spring collection, and I have to say I am in love. I ended up putting nearly all of it into my 'style inspiration' folder (come on, we all have one of these right?!). Here is just a taster:

Love the nautical feel of this skirt - and the red shoes!

You can never go wrong with hounds tooth

Apparently the waist band of this skirt is a ribbon - has anyone ever made a skirt with a waist band like this? I'm curious as to how secure/stable this would be.

Polka dots and pink tights!

The colours in this dress remind me of a lot of the colours kicking around in peoples Colette Spring Palette Challenge.

You can't tell in this picture, but the design of this cute ruffle top is little flowers with heart shaped heads

Polka dots and ruffles!

There is so much more on the website, including gorgeous shoes and cute belts with fun buckles. I want it all - but not at the prices they are going for...there is nothing under £100! I think it's fashion like this that inspires me to sew...stylish, clean 'simple' lines that (in my head-in-the-clouds mind) I think I could perhaps make myself!


  1. I LOVE Kate Spade, her designs are so simple, classic, and timeless. Great inspiration too, and you're right, most would be very easy to sew.

  2. I would think that the ribbon is just covering the actual waistband or at least that the other fabric is underlined to the ribbon underneath and then just treated as one piece.

  3. i LOVE hound's tooth..gorgeous!


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