Tuesday, 14 September 2010

SSS Week 2

Well another week of Self Stitched September has passed....and I have pretty much run out of 'self stitched' garments! Anyway, here is how last week panned out for me:

Day 6
Top: Mango
Cardi: Too old to remember!

Finally, an outfit fit for wearing to work. Really like this look and I do love this skirt, but I don't wear it very often because it rides up when I walk and its creased like crazy after a couple of hours! Perhaps a slip underneath would help.

Day 7
Vest: Too old to remember
Cardi: Primark
Boots: Timberland

Yeay - it's cool enough to start wearing boots again - I LIVE in boots during autumn, winter and a lot of spring! I wore this out to a night at the comedy club...and hoped the comedian wouldn't pick up on the fact I was wearing a mans shirt turned into a skirt!!! Was a great night, and luckily I wasn't picked on - phew! These photos were taken when I came home, so the skirt is very creased!

Day 8+9 - er fails! Didn't manage to wear anything handmade. Ah well!

Day 10
Dress: Bought at car boot sale for £1!
Belt: Tesco for £1
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Made by me

I went to a dinner party at my friends house on Friday night. Unfortunately I haven't really made anything suitable so I had to resort to my faithful clutch bag. A great night, and all my friends said they wanted to put in an order for their own clutch!

Day 11 - fail!

Day 12
Cardi: ??
Boots: Timberland
Bag: Pinko

Worn for a day out shopping with mum. I really love this outfit and loved the fact I was wearing a dress made by myself. It makes you take a different view when shopping...I have almost lost my interest in shopping for clothes these days as I just think "I should try and make my own version instead"! Now if only I had the time to sew.....

I had my first day at my Dressmaking and Tailoring class last night! Unfortunately, they had a little bit of a mix up when advertising the class and didn't fully explain the difference between beginners and intermediate so apparently this class will be a mix of the two. So last night all we did was get familiar with a few of the sewing machines in the room and learn to wind a bobbin, thread the machine up, sew in a straight line, around a corner and sew to pieces of fabric together! Hmm.....a little basic! But it will get better. Plus it was just great to be in a room full of other people interested in sewing! They all seem so lovely so I'm really looking forward to this class progressing and getting to know everyone a bit better. When I start to learn something a bit more challenging I'll do a better post about the class!

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