Tuesday, 7 September 2010

SSS week 1

As i mentioned before I have so far managed to stick to my Self Stitched September pledge....but we shall see how long I can keep this up. Even within the first week I have had to pull out a few 'cheat' objects, you'll see what I mean in a second. So lets see what I've been wearing so far....

Day 1:
Top: Refashioned top (see tutorial)
Jeans: Mango
Love Necklace: River Island

I wore this out for a couple of drinks in the local pub with my boyfriend. It was a lovely warm evening so it was great that I could get away with wearing this new top I had literally just whipped up.

Day 2:
Top: Refashioned (as above)
White shorts: New Look (the shop, not the pattern company!)
White Sandals: River Island

Another scorcher of a day so stripped out of work gear as soon as I got home and headed down to the park to play some frisbee (badly  - why do my throws always curve??!!!) with the boyfriend. Again, was loving my new top!!

Day 3:
Dress: Tesco (£4 - YES £4!!!!)
Necklace: Little shop in Spain
Belt: Primark
Bag: MINE!

So, a work outfit! But I'm afraid it's a little bit of a cheat, because the only thing I made was the bag. But I knew this would happen - and it's going to happen a lot! But it's still sticking to the rules!

Days 4 & 5:
Hat: Knitted by my mum
Coat: Rab

So.....here is the 'cheat'!!! The weather was ABYSMAL this past weekend....like really bad. I was spending the weekend up by the beach and with such a lovely week I had packed lots of lovely little summery things to wear (that I had made) - but the weather wasn't playing along and I couldn't wear any of it! Luckily I had packed a little beanie which my mum had knitted for me. So, I didn't wear anything I made myself....but at least I am wearing something handmade!! Ah well!
As a side note, I DID pack and use my beach bag that weekend so perhaps I did stick to the rules....I just didn't take a pic of that!

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  1. Ah, that's OK - you were out of town! And the little beanie hat is so cute :)
    Your refashioned top looks great and summery! It looks like the weather there is much like here - completely unpredictable!


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