Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A personal note – taking a little break


Hi everyone. I have been a little quiet on the blog recently and I will likely be a little quiet for a bit longer so I thought that I would write a note about it, so that you don’t think that I’ve just disappeared!

You may have been aware that my husband I have been looking into moving house (to beside the sea – the image above is a photo that I took of the area and treated with the Waterlogue app…so much fun if you haven’t tried it!) and it was all very exciting and we could see the end goal in sight. But on Monday the owners called us and told us they were no longer in a position to sell.

I have taken this news pretty badly and I’m in a bit of a low at the moment. I have come to realise that it was not necessarily loosing that exact house, but more of what it signified to me – I was moving on to the next stage of my life and making plans, and now these plans have started to fall down around me.  It’s more than just the house, there have been other things building recently, and loosing the house was just the straw that broke the camels back!

Anyway, I’m going to take a step back from the blog and from sewing for a little bit – I need to get outside more and get some fresh air (I know that sounds silly, but I do work in an office all day, and then my hobby involves sitting inside in front of  a sewing machine!). I feel bad for announcing that news, especially since I’ve recently seen a few new people following me on Bloglovin’, which I was really so happy about!

So there you go. Hopefully I’ll be back with a fun sewing project to share soon and I’ll of course still be reading, commenting on and enjoying all of your blogs in the mean time.

Talk soon guys :)

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