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Sew All The Knits: Coppelia Cake

Su Sews So So Coppelia Cake 1

Well that was a wee blogging break I didn't mean to take - my internet stopped working for about a week there!!! I have no idea how I fixed it but the main thing is it's fixed and we can get back to business.

And back to sewing too! Since my sewing funk I have definitely found my mojo again and I have been beavering away in the sewing room and enjoying myself immensely! Thank you again to all the lovely people who sent me such kind, encouraging words, they really helped.

On to my latest make: The Coppelia Cardi by Papercut Patterns.
I have had my eye on this beauty for quite some time and when I was looking for garments that would grow or shrink with my body, I thought a wrap cardi would be perfect, so I hit the 'purchase' button!

Su Sews So So Coppelia Cake 4

The packaging for Papercut Patterns is really something else - an extra large and extra sturdy box which you can actually hang up, along with pattern paper which is also extra sturdy - no flimsy tissue to contend with here! Plus the instructions are printed right on the pattern paper and can be cut out and concertinaed together to create the cutest little instruction pamphlet.

This is a really simple make which comes together quite quickly. The hardest part for me was smoothing about the cotton jersey - does anyone else find that really fiddly?!

Here is perhaps a random cutting tip (unrelated to dealing with smoothing jersey fabric), which you might not do: The Hem Tie, which wraps around your body to secure the cardi, is incredibly long and the pattern piece for it is a third of the actual size (so you end up having to cut three pieces which you then sew together). So that I could make sure I definitely had enough fabric, and to save time on pinning (I hate pinning), I traced around the piece and made two replica pieces, which I was then able to lay out simultaneously on my fabric, pin and cut everything out in one go. It's a simple trick, but hopefully it helps even one other person out there!

Su Sews So So Coppelia Cake 6

My fabric is a lovely soft, cosy cotton jersey from Croft Mill. Do check out that online shop if you haven't yet, they always have such lovely fabric at decent prices. And thankfully, postage to Northern Ireland is the same as to the rest of the UK! Oh, and I really love their fabric descriptions; they always give me a giggle.

Anyway, being relatively new to jersey, I was surprised to find that this fabric didn't have any selvedge and came as a tube! But even being in 'tube' form, it was still very fiddly to smooth out. Doh.

Due to some blog feedback telling me that the neck band can end up a bit baggy I decided to stretch it while sewing it to the bodice and reduced it's length by about 3cm. I think that did help, but it is still a little baggy. I actually think the whole cardi is perhaps a bit baggy, especially around the bust and shoulder area, so if I make this again I might try and alter that (erm…but I have no idea how I would actually do that, so please do be asking! lol).

Su Sews So So Coppelia Cake 5

I called this make Coppelia Cake as I I think this will end up being quite a basic staple in my wardrobe, which is just what I have been needing actually! I think I have mentioned before that I hardly wear my me-made things, so this year I am trying to change that.

Oh, and here are the details:

Pattern: £13.36
Fabric: £14.49 (inc. postage)
Thread: £3.65 x 4 = £14.60

TOTAL: £42.45

Eep! That sounds a bit mental for a cotton wrap cardi! But I included the cost for 4 large cones of black overlocking thread, which are obviously nowhere near used up, so that was really an investment cost. I didn't include the cost for the black sewing machine thread, or the ball point needles that I used for this make, because I had already factored those into my Plantain costs. PLUS, if I make this cardi again I won't include the pattern cost in future makes.

Su Sews So So Coppelia Cake 2

Oh yes, that photo reminds me, I was particularly in love with the cuffs! They were super easy to make, and give a really beautiful and professional finish. There is nothing particularly special about them, but because they were my first ever cuffs, I loved them! lol

So that concludes my second edition of SEW ALL THE KNITS! Expect more knits on here…I have a few things cut out and ready to be stitched up this Bank Holiday Weekend - yeay!!

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