Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Make It Yourself : Zara Floral Skirt

Sew It Yourself 2

Guys – I found the EXACT same fabric for this Make It Yourself…and two suppliers for it too!

Zara Floral Skirt (sorry it’s not available anymore so no link) as see on Kendi Everyday

Make It Yourself:
Fabric: Floral Cotton Sateen from either Truro Fabric (£9/m) or Fabric Land (£3.99/m!!!)
Pattern: New Look 6872 view E

I have some of this exact fabric, which will hopefully be making it’s debut on the blog shortly (yep, it still needs hemming!), but I bought it from Truro…for the more expensive price – doh! Saying that, it was part of a massivo order that I placed…do check out their website, they have some amazing fabrics! The other week I stumbled across the exact same fabric on the Fabric Land website. This is a difficult website to navigate, and I can’t link to the exact fabric, so you will have to search for it yourself under the ‘printed cotton’ section. I’ve never ordered fabric from here so I can’t give you a review. Oh, and you need to phone them to place your order as they don’t have an online payment method. But still – less than half the price for the same fabric!

As for the pattern – If you want to recreate the Zara skirt perfectly then piece the bottom panel onto the main skirt piece to make one larger pattern piece. Oh, and buy some black fabric for the waistband.
OR – wing it yourself and just gather a long rectangle of the floral fabric onto wide black elastic and Bob’s your uncle! Probably not as neat and professional looking as using a pattern, but it would certainly be an easy, instant gratification project (and who doesn’t like those every now and again?!).

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