Friday, 23 August 2013

DIY I Do : Ties for the Page Boys

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As I mentioned in my last post, as well as making the flower girl dresses I also made matching ties for our page boys. I had previously never made ties before but had pinned a tutorial and pattern which I thought looked pretty easy. Well…I recon making these ties was harder than making the flower girls dresses!!! I made the first one months and months before the wedding…and then the rest of the material sat waiting for me to get the energy to make the other two!

IMG 0824

IMG 0890

The original tutorial is made out of beautiful, well behaved Liberty Tana Lawn. My ties were made out of slippery slidey, very badly behaved, polyester! I couldn't cut the ties on a bias fold as the fabric would slide around and I was worried that it would mess up the stripes, so I had to make individual pattern pieces to lay out for each tie on the flat. And then you need to iron the ties - a lot. Well, my fabric did not like being ironed - so pins were brought out. A lot of them. And then because I was over ironing and over working my fabric, and it being cut on the bias, it grew and stretched! Which meant that the pattern pieces for the stable interlining were too short - so I had to cut new ones! BUT, as with the flower girls dresses, and other DIY parts to the wedding, it was worth it in the end as the little boys looked very dapper and very handsome!

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