Saturday, 17 August 2013

DIY I Do : The Stationery and some fun extras

So today I'm just go to do a short blog post sharing how we did our wedding stationery. I know this is primarily a sewing, and sometimes crafting, blog, but I just wanted to make my DIY I Do series complete. I thought if someone stumbles across my blog while searching for DIY wedding information they may like to know how we did our invites etc.

RS wedding 030 

I really wanted to incorporate the 'RS' knot tying image onto our stationery, but since we were trying to keep to a budget we couldn't afford to commission someone to do it for us! So after a bit of research I discovered that Vista Print did large and small postcards. I quite like messing around on publisher and was able to design PDFs of both sides of our invitation and uploaded them as 'pictures' on the large postcard option. The front of the invite was the blue and white design detailing who/when/where that you can see in the photos here. The back was all the detailed information for the day - for example directions, nearby accommodation, meal choices and gift list details. We also included an A4 sheet listing accommodation and more detailed directions including a map. A small, stamped, addressed postcard was also included as an rsvp, again with the knot tying image. Keeping to the 'tying the knot' theme, these were all tied together with lovely blue and white bakers twine and a little label attached:

IMG 0667

RS wedding 032

IMG 0710

I also designed our Order of Services on Publisher and ordered them through Vista Print. I decided to go with a tri-fold brochure style, rather than the more traditional A5 folded booklet (mainly because I didn't like the thought of having to fold and bind over 100 of them!!!):

RS wedding 092

Vista Print do a lot more than just post cards, and when ordering my invitations I may have got a little carried away with our wedding branding. A cute extra I decided to order were small circular stickers (again, they had the 'RS' on them) that we used to seal our envelopes. Honestly though, it sounds really frivolous, but they didn't cost that much, and really made the invitations extra special. If you have ever ordered anything off Vista you will know that from then on they HOUND you with 'special offers' - but actually thats a really good tip. Order something small and simple and wait for the offers to come in - you will save SO much money. Our invitations were personalised and matched our wedding 'brand' and were a fraction of the cost of going to a wedding invitation specialist. They also send you offers for 'free' things, you just have to pay the postage. Well it would be rude not to:

RS wedding 035


So each flower girl as well as the Matron of Honour got a little personalised bag filled with their outfit necessities for the day plus a few fun little gifts thrown in too. I really enjoyed making up and filling these bags, and it was such fun seeing their faces when I gave them their bags! And since they were 'free' I decided I needed a 'Bride's Survival Kit' bag for myself too!! It turned out to be VERY useful (I kept my make-up, perfume and a pair of flats to change into during some photos and then in the evening).

RS wedding 335

Oh…and I may even have got myself a little wedding branded mug for the day too….

IMG 0709


…why not - it was free!

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