Sunday, 5 February 2012

I made it…AND I wore it! 5

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I wore my ‘fireworks’ skirt out for a couple of drinks on Thursday evening last week. It was a freezing evening and we were walking to the pub so I have a LOT of layers on (inc. thermal long sleeve vest under my polo neck!! Yep – I’m rockin’ Granny Chic!). Sorry for the repeat photo location – I did get my boyfriend to take a photo of me in the pub, but it was horrific, so I took a couple of snaps when I came back home.

I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to keep this (‘I made it…AND wore it’) up for a whole month. I’ve already had to repeat (this skirt!) which proves I need a heck of a lot more handmade items in my wardrobe – I better get to it!

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