Thursday, 9 February 2012

12 in 2012: 1 month up-date and who’s joining in

12 in 2012

Well we are a month into 2012 so I thought I would do a quick up-date on my progress of my self-made goals for 2012 (see original post here), and also share who else has decided to join me.
It’s only been one month, so I haven’t got an awful lot to show so far – but nonetheless, I would say I am on track (for the moment!)…let’s hope I can keep the momentum up:

12 Pieces of Handmade Clothing:
8.Wildcard!  Pink Curtain Skirt

12 New Sewing Techniques:
4. Hand-picked zip - Pink Curtain Skirt

12 New Sewing Skills:
10. Learn to use an overlocker/serger - first post…getting there!

I actually am well on the way from ticking another goal off each category, which I’m so pleased with, but I’ll officially consider them ‘done’ when I blog about them.

And I was delighted to see that quite a few of you decided to join in and make your own 12 in 2012 goals:

Hope everyone is having fun checking off their goals. I know Anna and Juliette are certainly powering on ahead – you guys will have completed your 12 goals by June if you keep it up!!!
My blog has been a bit quite quiet sewing wise this week – which is ironic considering the amount of time I have spent sewing recently!!! Lots of sewing, but little photographing (except on Twitter)! I’m working on a really great project that I just can’t wait to share with you all…but it involves a fair bit of prep, so stay tuned and hopefully I’ll have it up on the blog for you all in March (ps. I’m not talking about my soon-to-open Etsy shop, although I have been working on that too)! 

And I just wanted to leave a wee note to say how really grateful I am of all your support and lovely comments on my blog. I would love to have some friends locally who share my hobby, but unfortunately my friends aren’t really into it so it’s brilliant to have a place to go to share my hobby with like-minded souls - the on-line sewing community is such a fantastic group.
I would have loved to have joined in with the activities that are going on in blog-land this week for Sew Grateful Week, but unfortunately I didn’t know about the deadlines soon enough! Do pop on over to Debi’s lovely blog to check it all out though!
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