Friday, 1 April 2011

Fabric Friday - Vintage Finds

It's Friday again - whoop! I'm off work today for my honey's (40th!) birthday - double whoop!!

And since it's Friday I thought I would share with you two gorgeous vintage fabrics which I found online:

I am absolutely in love with both. Looking at these photo's I realise I should have some sort of scale on them - but both motifs are large scale - the first flowers are probably about 20cms across and the second more like 30cm at the most. They are both very fine cotton which will both need lined whenever I make them up. I'm still deciding what to make from them, but I'm leaning towards a light summer maxi or kaftan for the first and perhaps a 50's prom-style dress from the second. I'm still contemplating if I should line or underline them.


  1. OoOoOoOoOoh, gorgeous finds!!! The second one in particular would make an amazing maxi dress I think! Sadly, I can't offer advice on lining as I've never done it before...sorry!

  2. I love them both, especially the top option. That fabric would make and amazing dress or blouse!

  3. Wow! The two fabrics are beautiful, I guess sweet swing dresses for summer, but just what you decide to sew with them will be wonderful.

  4. These fabrics are just beautiful, whatever you make they will be just lovely, lucky girl to have found them.


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