Thursday, 7 April 2011

Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2011

I've just spotted the review of the Burda Easy Spring/Summer '11 magazine on the German Burda Style website. The Autumn/Winter '10 was quite a disappointment and really there was nothing inspiring in there.

The name does give it away - the patterns are all very easy and simple, so for a lot of you out there perhaps not the most challenging. But this time there are a couple of patterns which look a bit more complex:

A tuxedo style jacket - in the easy magazine?!! This is something I'd love to try. I personally think my skills are not advanced enough yet to tackle a jacket...but if this is rated 'easy'  then perhaps I might!

This is it in a lovely blue pinstripe. I really like this.

Shorts! These seem perhaps a little high waisted for me...but again - they are in the 'easy' magazine, so they make me want to give them ago!

They look really cute in pale blue. The wrap-over top looks quite versatile too.

Two versions of a tube shaped dress with a dropped gathered waist. Very easy and simple to make. I got excited about the white version - but then I realised that the fabric actually has those layers built into it (I thought they were part of the design). I guess it wouldn't be too hard to improvise adding those layers (it's just so much easier when someone tells you how to do it...lazy? Me?! lol).

And because it wouldn't be Burda without a few stinkers I leave you with these ultra-flattering beauties:


My question is though...where can I track down this magazine? I have never seen it in any of the local newsagents. I may have to try Ebay for it.


  1. I really like some of the makes in this magazine but can't find it anywhere...i have emailed Burda about it, it was awhile ago but if they do get back to me i will let you know.

  2. I have no personal experience with this, but you can get a subscription here: or buy back issues here:

    I really love that tube dress! Such an easy garment to wear all weekend!

  3. I love the tuxedo jacket in the blue pinstripe! I've never seen a Burda Easy either. You'll have to let us know if you figure out where to find it.

  4. oh my those pants are atrocious... I have yet to see anyone they really look good on!


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