Thursday, 12 August 2010

Style Vintage Patterns

As I mentioned in a previous post , I recently acquired a number of vintage(ish) patterns thanks to my addiction to the iPhone EBay app - and I have discovered that the drawings on vintage pattern sleeves are really rather amusing!

So for today's viewing pleasure, I have two examples from Style patterns. Based on my small selection, it appears the artist who drew for Style had the general opinion that girls are a bit on the bitchy side by the looks of things (a man scorned perhaps?!)....

In this scene we see Green and Black blatantly bitching about poor innocent Pinky...who's been left all on her lonesome in the back there. But then, how are we to know she's as innocent as her pink coloured attire and sweet hands-behind-back body language may suggest? Perhaps the pink is a touch on the scarlet side and maybe she did the dirty on one of the other girls' men?!!

And in this example Maxi and Mustard are totally sharing a rather hurtful 'in' joke about Ms Pink, who is, I think, being a bit 'blonde' (sorry all you lovely blonde people out there, no insult meant!) and can't quite figure out what's so funny! you think I have a bit too much imagination?!!

On a more practical (and sensible?!) note, I particularly love the second Style pattern - especially Ms Pink's outfit. The floaty sleeves, V-neckline and shaped bodice (hmm..I am sure there is a proper word for that part, but I'm still new to pattern pieces!) are lovely! I will definitely give that pattern a the distant future though!

Still loads more amusing vintage patterns to share with you - so do keep checking back!


  1. If you like captioning pattern illustrations, you might like this website, she's very funny:
    Nice finds!

  2. Ok, I know this is a super old post but I still have to comment. Those Style girls were just bitchy! This is a dress pattern I made last summer of a similar vintage, and look at that pattern envelope! Black Floral and Blue are *totally* talking smack about Gingham!

  3. Ha ha ha - glad it's not just me who thinks Style girls had a bit of attitude!

  4. Your comments are really funny ! I,m totally into the whole "let's make up a story around the Style Girls" when it comes to vintage patterns. I made a similar comment on my blog a while back on Simplicity 8749, where Red Head is totally eavesdropping on Blondie and Sticker Head's conversation ( and now that you mention it, they're probably gossiping about her too...).


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