Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Frock by Friday

I'm sure a lot of you will know the lovely blog Grosgrain. Kathleen makes such gorgeous dresses and is such an inspirational seamstress. She has recently been hosting a sew-along called 'A Frock by Friday' where each night from Monday through to Friday she takes sewers step-by-step through from fabric to dress! I have been watching avidly but due to timings of her past events I haven't been able to take part.

However, this Monday starts a new FbF and I thought that this was my chance this time. OK, I am actually ridiculously busy in work at the moment and I'm not sure how my boyfriend is going to feel about me spending every night this week sewing...but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. The dress this time round is the Anda dress from Burda Style website and it looks quite simple so hopefully I won't be stressing over making it too much (ha, I hope those aren't famous last words!). I also love the name of the dress as 'Anda' means 'you' in Indonesian (I grew up there so I have a very soft spot for anything and everything Indonesian!).

If anyone else fancies joining along I've added a link to my sidebar:

On Saturday I visited one of Northern Ireland's few decent fabric shops and spent a gorgeous 3 hours there!!! Honestly, I could have spent longer. But I came across a lovely fabric which I thought would work really nicely for this dress (and was a decent £4.99 per meter!):

So I have my material, I bought and downloaded the pattern...I'm all set for tomorrow!

...Or so I thought. i had a quick look at the instructions last night and discovered the first thing you do is sew on bias binding to the neck and sleeves. Er - there is no mention of bias binding on the list of I didn't buy any...and there is no mention of cutting bias strips from the where does the bias binding come from??!!! Hmmm....This FbF week hasn't even started and ALREADY I'm confused! Oh dear! Well I shall buy some bias binding on my lunch hour tomorrow and see what Kathleen has to say about it tomorrow evening!

Oh, and as I mentioned above, I was at a really great fabric shop this weekend and I came away with some GORGEOUS fabric that I am just so excited to sew-up. I have projects in mind for them all so I'll show you in another post this week. Yeay!

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  1. I was wondering if you could tell me where the few decent fabric shops in NI are? I'm in Dublin and there really isn't much here, so I was wondering if I should make a trip north? I reminisce about being able to peruse fabric and feel it and see it before I buy it instead of having to order online and hope for the best!


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