Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DIY I Do : A Secret Embroidery Project

Well, I've got most of the major sewing and crafting DIY I Do projects blogged, but I actually still have lots of other little projects that I did for my wedding that I'd like to document on my blog. I know post after post after post of wedding related things can be a bit tedious (unless you love weddings or are planning a wedding!) so I'm going to just slowly post these in between regular posts. For anyone coming to my blog specifically for wedding related posts, I've added a page link at the top that will take you straight to all wedding related things - enjoy!

IMG 0892

OK, so this was just a fun little extra project that I decided to do as a little surprise for my then FiancĂ© to see on the day while he was getting ready. I thought it would be a really cute idea to embroider our wedding theme image of the RS rope (see original here) as well as the date on to the inside of his waistcoat. Now, I have never really done any embroidery ever before so I was a bit nervous about just embroidering straight onto his waistcoat and messing it up, so I ended up using a scrap of the silk dupion that I made my wedding dress out of and stitching that onto the lining instead. 

IMG 0895

It was just a simple back stitch in navy, with a heart outline in ivory, but I was really happy with the result. It was kind of fun sneaking up to the sewing room to make this and then trying to get hold of his waistcoat while he wasn't looking to sew it in, and then replace it without him finding out. As I said, this was quite last minute and I think I did this one evening about a week or two before the wedding!

RS wedding 054

I'm really pleased I decided to give it a go as it added a very cute personal touch to his outfit and has also given me a bit of bug for embroidery - I shall be trying it out again soon!

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