Monday, 18 March 2013

DIY I Do : Flower Girl Dresses : Muslin

Su Sews So So Flower Girl Dress Muslin

Well, as I promised in my last post, here is my muslin for the Flower Girl dresses. Please excuse the MESS in the background. And try and look past the fact that it's pinned to a ladies mannequin - the dress is obviously for a little girl, so it won't fit around the 'boobs' of the mannequin! The neckline will be lower because 1. it's not lined yet and 2. my niece asked for it to be lowered. I've just pinned some tulle roughly under the skirt to give you an idea of the shape the skirt will eventually be. It probably won't poof out as much directly below the waist but will be more of a tapered effect. The stripes at the waist are a sash (which I may end up basting in place as this fabric is pretty slippy).

But all in all, I am really pleased with how the dress is looking! I LOVE the contrasting stripes at the hem and the sash, it really takes the dress to another level and adds a nice bit of interest.

So now is the hard bit…when do I start making the real dresses?!! With the girls growing it's hard to know what size to make them. At the moment I'm thinking I will make them in May (my Wedding is at the beginning of July) - do you think that would be close enough that they won't grow too much between then and the actual day?! I guess with having a sash I can make the dresses a little bit big and then just tie the sashes tighter if needs be.

On another note - I actually really like the dress on the mannequin…for ME!! If I ever feel like sewing again after this wedding (!!!) I am tempted to make a dress like this (Colette Macaron anyone?) for myself!

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