Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jenny Skirt

So as I mentioned in my post last week, I may have been away from blog-land but I have still been sewing, so I have a few finished projects that I need/want to post about. Today let's check out my finished Jenny pencil skirt!

Su Sews So So Purple Jenny Skirt


Making a pencil skirt was actually on my 12 in 2012 list, which some of you might remember, and I did manage to get this finished in 2012. I actually had most of it sewn up ages ago, but it sat in my sewing room waiting to be hemmed forever! Why do I fear/loathe hemming so much? Whenever I do eventually get myself around it, it's never quite as horrific as I'm expecting. Saying that though, I'm not actually happy with how I hemmed this skirt. The skirt is lined with a fun bright pink (a colour which seems to appear quite regularly on this blog!) poly lining and due to the vent at the back I wasn't really sure how best to hem the lining and the actual skirt fabric. In the end I serged the lining and then treated the lining as one and turned them up together and then slip stitched the skirt to the lining fabric. It looked good. But then when I went out wearing my skirt and sat down, the fact that the skirt fabric could move around meant that the hem would droop a bit, which I don't like. So I wouldn't recommend doing that!!

Su Sews So So Jenny Collage 1

I'm quite pleased with out these photos turned out (sorry if they are a bit grainy though - indoors, after work, during UK winter!!), they make me think that I should wear this skirt more often. However, looks can be deceiving unfortunately. I just find the large waistband on the Jenny skirt far too high on me. I have quite a short torso and this skirt doesn't do me any favours! The skirt section is good though, so perhaps I should try again with a narrower waistband, which I see being done quite a bit on other blogs.

It goes really well with one of the cowl tops I've made, so I'm pleased about that (that was a fluke, but I guess I'm drawn to certain colours, so it is perhaps inevitable!). 

Su Sews So So Jenny Skirt


Not too much to say about the project really. So I shall leave you with a sneak peek at another project I finished last year:


Su Sews So So Cape Preview


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