Friday, 3 August 2012

DIY I Do…or I Don’t?

So I announced a number of months ago that I had got engaged, and I’ve mentioned briefly in a few posts how stressful the wedding planning process has been. It all really boiled down to Robin and I wanting to get married abroad, but finding out that it just wasn’t feasible for family and friends. But for us, it was more important to have the people we love around us, sharing in our special day, rather than having sunshine and heat (let’s be honest - something we probably won’t get in N.I.!). Once we decided on a home wedding, we had the additional stress of budgets and locations that suited everyone…nightmare. I’m sure you are all aware of how expensive weddings can be – but it really is ridiculous how quickly things can add up!

Well, after a lot of deliberation, we have finally booked our venue and we now have a date – 6th July 2013!

I cannot tell you have much more relaxed I now am, and I’m actually starting to enjoy the planning process. Yeay! Obviously lots of things to organise, and this isn’t going to turn into a Wedding Blog, but I am thinking about doing some craft/sewing related things for the day so I thought I would document them here.

The question I have though is – how much do I tackle myself, and what do I leave to the professionals? I have two reasons for going down the DIY route:
1. Saving money!!! We are trying to keep the budget down as much as possible. It’s a difficult thing because as soon as you mention the ‘W’ word, prices sky rocket. But we are giving it a go anyway.
2. I think it will provide us with a much more personalised and meaningful day, and I know I’ll get so much satisfaction and pride looking at things on the day and knowing I had put my time and love into making it just right

I found this really interesting blog post on Style Serendipity which gives advice on tackling a DIY wedding. Do read it if you are thinking the same thing. I think the key thing I took away from it is – don’t bite off more than you can chew! I need to make sure that I’m not ending up doing every little tiny detail that really could have been delegated to a professional. As they mention: “Sometimes your time (and sanity!) is more valuable than money, and it can be well worth paying a professional to do an amazing job and make your life a lot easier.”

So, putting that thought to the side for one moment, here are the aspects of the wedding I’m thinking about take on myself (with the help of friends and family):



The Dress

Yep, this is the biggy! I’m still undecided about this at the moment. I have been doing a LOT of thinking and research into how feasible this might actually be. But at the moment it is still a possibility. Obviously, if I do decide to make the dress I’ll keep everyone updated as I progress. The sweet thing about this blog is that none of my friends or family read it, so I can reveal everything without worrying about giving anything away to anyone who will be at the wedding!


Because four of her seven bridesmaids had recently had babies, Katie chose an Empire-waist dress they all would feel comfortable in.

Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses

Perhaps a little bit insane to thing of making my dress AND everyone else’s too. Especially since I have never sewn clothes for anyone but myself. But I have lots of ideas. Plus, my mother is fantastic at sewing (my inspiration to take up sewing in the first place), so I may see if I can persuade her to make the flower girl dresses.



This is pretty much a definite. I have a fab idea and I’ve made and love the prototype so I’m good to go. Can’t wait to share it on the blog too!!


My mum seems to have taken this idea and run with it, she has even bought the tins already. I’m not precious about the cake at all, so I’m going to let her do whatever she likes!


1x1.trans Rachael + Brians Woodland and Fabric Wedding Invitations


Again, I think this will be a definite. I’m planning on designing the invites, RSVPs, order of service and thank you cards which we will then get them printed at Robin’s work which should save us a fair bit.



Argh, this is a tricky one. Everyone says – don’t do your own flowers, it’s too stressful. And I believe them. I know nothing about flower arranging! But seriously, I had no idea how expensive the flowers can be. My friend just told me yesterday that her flowers came to £1400!! What?!!! I had done a preliminary budget of £350 for my flowers, and even thought THAT was a bit too much!! Anyway, at the moment I’m thinking about getting bouquets and one or two displays done professionally, and then attempting to DIY a few decorations. We shall see!


JUST MARRIED Burlap Banner Wedding Rustic Bunting- We Do Custom Banners - Party Photo Prop


Things like the seating plan, table centres and just little things dotted around the venue. Should be easy enough to do myself, and I have a lot of plans and ideas for this already.


God, when you list it all out it looks like a LOT! But I have a year…that’s loads of time…right?!!!

So, as I said before, this isn’t going to turn into a wedding blog, but I am going to start a semi-regular schedule of posting inspiration, plans and progress as the year goes by.

Have any of you gone DIY for your own wedding? Or helped a friend with theirs? Any thoughts or any tips? I’d love to hear them all!!

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