Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year Goals - 12 in 2012

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm not overly thrilled with my lack of productivity in 2011, and so I've sat myself down and had a little thought about how I could rectify this. Rather than new year resolutions (which, come on, we all know we don't keep!), I have come up with 12 in 2012! I'm setting myself SMART goals (lol, can you tell I'm a Project Manager in 'real' life?!) which I can tick off as I complete them. And to help me along the way, I've added a page to the blog to keep track of it all.

Specific: each goal is a specific item
Measurable: I'll link to each project/goal once it's achieved
Achievable: every goal has been achieved by others before me, so they should all be achievable!
Realistic: Hmmmm, perhaps not....should I change 'R' to Ridiculous?!
Timely: all to be completed by the end of 2012

Because I'm a sucker for punishment (biting off more than I can chew! Makes me think the 'A' and 'R' in my SMART goals aren't very accurate!), I've got three lists that I hope to achieve:

12 Pieces of Handmade Clothing:
1. Shirt (or shirt dress)
2. Jacket
3. Trousers
4. Some sort of under-garment
5. Pencil skirt
6. Summer Dress
7. Bombshell Dress
8. Half-circle skirt
9. Wildcard!
11. Wildcard!

12 New Sewing Techniques:
1. Collar
2. Sleeves
3. Lapped zip
4. Hand-picked zip
5. Mitered corners
6. Baby/rolled hem
7. Piping
8. Scallops
9. Inset a Godet
10. Make own bias binding
11. Underlining
12. Boning

12 New Sewing Skills:
1. Sew from a vintage pattern
2. Draft a skirt sloper/block
3. Draft a bodice sloper/block
4. Drafted a half-circle skirt
5. Remove and replace a zip from a bought garment
6. Make my own Croqui
7. Sew with jersey
8. Try patchwork
9. Make a garment from a Burda Magazine pattern (successfully!)
10. Learn to use an overlocker/serger
11. Learn to crochet
12. Make a Colette Patterns garment

As you can see, I'm not completely in over my head, I've made sure some of the goals under each list link together - so when I finish sewing a shirt, I can also tick off collar and sleeves, and when I make my Bombshell dress, I'll be able to tick off Burda Magazine pattern, underlining, boning etc!

Anyone fancy joining in? Feel free to make your own 12 in 2012 goals and we can panic together as December 2012 looms and only have half the list ticked off   share our achievements together! In my next post I'll share a button which you can add to your blog if you like. Do let me know if you join in!

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